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Introducing Code Protector Licensing System!

Quick Installation On Your Server!

License Your Scripts Easily!

Free Future Updates

Stop Theft, Misuse and Chargebacks!

Cost (single license 1 year): $89.95

Language: PHP

Platform: Unix

Last Update: July 24, 2008

Current Version: 1.0

Requirements: PHP 4+ / MySQL database

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Product Overview

The wait is finally over for web designers and script distributors!

Code Protector Licensing System allows you to sell and distribute your scripts without any worry about theft, misuse, multiple domain use and chargebacks!

Code Protector Licensing System allows you to sell your software on a per license basis to protect against piracy. You do not have to delay your script order processing. Simply include one file in your existing script and leave the rest to Code Protector Licensing System!

Your customers will download and install the scripts and you will instantly get a notification about this installation with an approval request. Simply check your store purchases and if the script is paid for, just enable the license. That's it!

You can also enforce time expiring or trial based installations to increase your sales and revenue. Keep track of where your customers are using your software. Ensure your software does not fall into the wrong hands using Code Protector Licensing System.

Try Code Protector Licensing System! for FREE OR BUY a full license for $89.95!

Product Demo

Click on the DEMO link below to test Code Protector Licensing System!


(Username: admin / Password: admin)

CLIENT PORTAL DEMO using your script with Code Protector Licensing System protection!


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Code Protector Licensing System is the ultimate solution for webmasters, script distributors and website coders. Code Protector Licensing System is very affordable and it gives you true peace of mind. You can rest assure that your script will only be used on the domain it was licensed for.

Why use Code Protector Licensing System?

If you are worried about people stealing your code, re-distributing your scripts without your permission, chargebacks after payment and licensing restrictions then you need Code Protector Licensing System!

How do I get support after purchase?

We back our product 100%. If you need support, we're always available. Just contact us! Unlike others, we do not charge for support

How easy is it to protect my scripts using Code Protector Licensing System?

Code Protector Licensing System is easy to install. It should take no more than 5 minutes to setup it up! Once the Code Protector Licensing System is installed on your server, Simply place one file to your sale script package. Everytime your script is installed on a server, you will get an email with the location of the script installation. You can then check if a client has made a purchase for this domain name or not. If so, you can login to admin and approve this installation, otherwise do nothing and script will remain disabled until a payment is made to you for this script.

How do I turn off my scripts if I suspect fraud or misuse?

Your database stores clients domain license. You can disable or turn off the script on client's website with one click!And that's not all! Code Protector Licensing System also allows you to limit your license period. You can give out your script on trial (demo) period for any period, limit license for monthly, yearly or never expire etc. Client will need to make you another payment for renewal, if not, you can disable your script from your admin control panel easily.

Order Processing and Delivery

To better serve our customers from all over the places, we have chosen to collect payments, distribute and support our products. You can rest assured that you will be given wide range of payment options, instant product delivery in most cases, instant license activation and 24 hour help desk support system to help you answer any questions about our products. Existing customers will be able to download future upgrades and will be provided free support from

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